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many hands

What do a Catholic Priest, a Chinese immigrant, Tupac Shakur*, and a seven year old girl all have in common? They are all in this episode! In this episode of People Like Us we get sentimental, as strangers from around New York City share their thoughts and experiences regarding family. Also, NYU Sociologist Kathleen Gerson […]

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Click for voices from the upcoming episode on family


I met Cheryl in Times Square. Her family, she says, is complex and complicated. When she had her son, though, she was just looking for love. Click to listen


If he had one word to describe his family, David says, it’s dysfunctional. A clip from the upcoming installment on “Family”: A Divorce


We’ll call her Gladys. We met in a park. Given the anonymous go ahead, Gladys began to dish, but she quickly switched the topic to Stevie. As she puts it, Stevie IS the family. Click to listen


Dan was having a picnic with his two kids in Times Square. He has them every other weekend and tries to do things with them that he never did as a kid. Click to listen.


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